Cathy Spencer | 550 Clinic

Our clinic is one of the organizations that benefits from the money raised from the AIDS Walk. I am personally able to help patients prevent HIV whether or not they have insurance due to the funds we have received from the Kentuckiana AIDS Alliance. Therefore, I am passionate about raising money for the cause!

I am very excited to be participating in this event! I am grateful for your donations and for your help in spreading the word. My goal is to raise $2500 - please help however you can. Whether you can give $5 or $50... every little bit helps.

THANK YOU for your support!

Funds raised: $1,895 of $2,500


Thank you donors
Nathan Hughes : $25
Emily Blaiklock : $100
The 550 Clinic and Cathy Spencer definitely have had a huge impact on me both personally and professionally. Love getting to support a cause and a team that continues to make a difference
Katie Petrone : $50
Forever grateful for an amazing experience at the 550 clinic!
Kayla Kreft : $50
Brittany Brown : $25
Daniel Scott Huelsman : $10
Thank you Cathy for teaching me so much during my time at the 550 clinic! Your patient care and knowledge taught me more than you’ll ever know! God bless!
Kimberly Cooper
Cathy- Thanks for everything you do for the community and thanks for always being a great mentor to myself and so many other pharmacists!
Brian Garcia : $25
Jacob Hall : $50
Happy to help. I loved my time in the halls of the 550!
Elizabeth Reichert : $20
Kendal Welty
Megan Burd : $10
Savannah Lindsey : $50
Aisha Bano
Kady Bandy
Lucy Nguyen : $50
Christopher Caudill : $25
Katie Blain : $25
550 clinic helped shape me into the pharmacist I am today. Their compassion for patients and teaching is extraordinary.
Evan Endicott : $25
Madeline Moses
Marina Shcherbakova : $25
I'm so happy to contribute! I would love to help with whatever else needed!
Kris Dotson
Thanks for all that you do for your patients and for us in the ACB, Cathy. Happy to help.
Laura Mudd : $50
Ethan Wilson : $5
Erin Wilson : $100
Kristina Fehr : $25
Shaina Doyen
So happy to help. Thanks for being so awesome, Cathy.
Andrea Carter : $25
Abigail Breit : $25
Lynn Wardlow
Thank you for being such a strong advocate, Cathy!
Daniel Truelove : $100
The 550 Clinic is like Home and the staff are like Family!!!
Mary Bishop
Happy to help!
Drew Cates : $100
Jennifer Brown : $50
Cari Banks : $20
Jeannie Gentile : $25
Thanks Cathy for all that you do!
Samantha Merker : $20
Cathy Spencer : $100